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When I first joined cheap London escorts, I used to have a lot more time for my partner.

At a rather early age, I realized that I was bisexual and I enjoyed spending time with both men and women. I did get a kick out of things like going to Swinger parties, and stuff like that. That gave me all of the encounters that I needed with men on a personal basis, but when I came home, I enjoyed spending time with my female partner Elizia. My career at London escorts was going great and I loved it, but I am afraid that I had less time for Elizia.


Elizia was this stunning Polish blonde that I had met when having coffee. She ran her own little cafe in London, and it did not take us long to become lovers. At the time, I had not started my career with cheap London escorts of Instead I was dancing in a club. Of course, this meant that I had lots of time to spend with Elizia and we really used to enjoy our time together. She had many more lesbian tendencies, but completely understood my need to Swing. We never argued and had a great time together.


When I joined cheap London escorts, I soon appreciated that I would have to work rather hard to make the most of my career. At the same time, I did have my personal needs and commitments, but fitting in around London escorts was not easy at all. Despite all of the fun I was having at cheap London escorts I was driven by a deep desire to go swinging. For some reason, I ended up spending less and less time with Elizia. It was hurting me, and I wanted to change things in my life.


Of course, there are only so many hours in the day, and I could not afford to give up cheap London escorts. Desperate to spend some more time with Elizia, I suggested that we go swinging together. She was not very keen at first, but eventually I talked her into it. It was my way of enjoying what I needed and still spending time with the love of my life outside of cheap London escorts. It may have seen like an odd solution, but at the time, I did honestly think it was going to work out for both of us.


Elizia was a much more delicate soul than me, and the world of swinging was not for her at all. I indulged and revelled in it, but Elizia was just put off by the entire idea. In the end, our relationship started to fall apart and I could not pull it back together again. Elizia and I drifted apart and I knew it was because my addiction to sex. Today, a few years later, I do wish that I would have done things differently. However, that is easy to say and not so easy to action. I still have feelings for Elizia and I think about her every day.

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