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What would you do if you had a boyfriend and a Sugar Daddy on the go?



I love both my Sugar Daddy and my boyfriend, and they both have qualities that I really appreciate. However, I am not sure what I should do. My Sugar Daddy would love to take me traveling for a three month period, and I would love to see the places that he is talking about. My boyfriend is great, but he does not have any money, I have got used to a pretty high end lifestyle, and my boyfriend can’t give me that.

Sure, when I left Ascot escorts from I never thought that I would get involved with a Sugar Daddy. But when I bumped into one of my former dates from the Ascot escort service I worked for in West Ascot, I realised how much I had missed his company. At the time I was already dating my boyfriend, but I soon realised that this man meant a lot to me. Of course, he knew I was not an escort any more and he wanted to hook up with me as my Sugar Daddy.

A lot has changed since them. He has split up with his wife and is looking for a closer companionship. Yes, I like my boyfriend but the lifestyle he can offer me does not compare to the lifestyle that my Sugar Daddy can offer me. We got on so well when I worked for Ascot escorts, and since I have been seeing him as my Sugar Daddy, we have been getting on even better. I have a little part time in a store in Ascot, so I have been able to fit in the attentions of my Sugar Daddy in between.

Needless to say my boyfriend does not know about my Sugar Daddy. It is really bad of me as my boyfriend is a really nice guy. But I think that I have more in common with my Sugar Daddy. The truth is that I have not even told my boyfriend about my former Ascot escorts career. I am not sure how he would take that. At least with my Sugar Daddy, I don’t have to worry about that at all. He knows that I used to be an escort in Ascot, and is fine about it.

What would life with my boyfriend be like? I am sure that we would be okay, but I have more than he does and that does not always work. He can’t get over that I have my own place that I have paid for here in Ascot. My Sugar Daddy knows exactly how I paid for my place and he has his own place that I could live in with him. If I rented out my place, I would receive a good rental income, and it would mean that I would not have to work in the store anymore. I could indeed spend my time with my Sugar Daddy and travel the world. What should I do? Choosing between my boyfriend and my Sugar Daddy is going to be one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do.

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