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Top Dressing Tips for Blondes

I have been working for London escorts for a couple of years now, and I have learned that it is kind of important to have a dress code when you work for an escort agency. A lot of the girls that I work with at London escort services don’t seem to think that at all, but I think it is vital. For some reason, it seems to be more important to you if you are blonde. I don’t know exactly why that it is, but I do think blondes can go off the rails quickly when it comes to dress code.

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The first thing that I do is to pay attention to the colors of my clothes. It is to put on something baby pink when you are a blonde, but I try to avoid that. A lot of blondes presume that they look really good in baby pink, but the truth is that it can make them look kind of washed out. When I was younger and before I joined London escorts, I used to wear a lot of baby pink. Now that I look at photos of myself, I realise that I kind of look rather washed out. These days, you will never post me in baby think.

I also used to love wearing mini skirt. My legs are long so I do look okay in mini skirts, but I have come to the conclusion that I look sort of silly as well. Once I put on a mini skirt with my stilettos, I look really silly and sort of a parody of myself. When I invested in some new skirts for London escorts recently, I bought a couple of skirt that finished just above the knee. When I walk down the street now, I get wolf whistles. Something that I never used to get before.

Let’s talk about boots, and especially thigh high boots. I thought that thigh high boots were the ultimate fashion accessory, but that is no longer how I look at things. After having had the shock of seeing myself in a pair of thigh high boots in the mirror, I quickly changed my attitude and put them all up for auction on an Internet site. I had worn them a lot at London escorts, but I am not sure that they attracted the right kind of gent. At least I have got some money for them.

Today, I have noticed that the gents that I date at London escorts are different. I have even had all of my photos on the website changed, and that has made heck of a difference. I did not think that it would make such an amazing amount of difference, but it has indeed. To be fair, I am glad that I did, because now I earn a lot more money. I used to earn good money working with London escorts, but now I earn fantastic money. The gents that I date certainly seem to like the photograph where I wear my glasses and look kind of strict at them. Many of my dates have described that photo as a massive turn on.

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