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The “boy”cott

I’m on a boy boycott, also known as a “boy”cott. I know, it sounds crazy, but I’ve simply managed to abstain from boys in every respect. Currently, my view of them is simply that they exist. It may seem harsh or other worldly, but its what needed to happen.

I have had a lot of people ask me, “What?! A boy boycott? Why would you ever cut boys out of your life?” But I’ve also had a lot of girls tell me, “That is such a good idea. I seriously need to do that.”

And the reason for their agreement with me is this: we all need time to figure out what we want instead of just settling for what we get.

And that’s exactly what this period was, a time of self-reflection in order to figure out how I wanted boys to fit into my life. What did I want from these fellas?!

And I realized what I wanted while I was dancing with a guy at a frat house, of all places.

As we were dancing, he lowered his cheek so that it touched mine…I knew this move, and I knew what could possibly come next. And I really did not want to end up on Mizzou Makeouts.

But not only was it the fear of ending up on that dreaded Twitter feed that stopped me from mistakenly making out with this guy, but the fact that I simply did not want to. He was not what I wanted!

Yeah, sure, the opportunity to get some free, no-strings-attached action presented itself plain as day in front of my face, but all I could think about was my “boy”cott: what did I want?

And then it hit me: what I wanted was not a party-induced makeout but rather something that actual meant something for a change.

It took dancing with some random, quite possibly intoxicated frat guy for me to realize that the “hit it and quit it” lifestyle was not something I wanted to pursue any longer.

So I looked at my girlfriend who was dancing next to me, gave her the signal that we needed to leave, and bid adieu to my gentleman caller.

And just like that, I realized that I am actually the one in control. Just because a guy is ready and willing does not mean the price is right.

And I’ve never been more proud of myself for finally realizing something so simple.

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