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Relationships A-Z: C, D and E

C is for Chivalry

Chivalry is not dead. Now I realize that’s a pretty broad claim, but its completely true. Though I should clarify, while chivalry may not be dead, it is absolutely dying. While it is still possible to find a guy who is the definition of a gentleman, they are few and far between. What happened to the days where men would open car doors and offer their arm when walking into a room? All I want is a few gentleman callers and some old-fashioned courting, is that so much to ask? Clearly us girls all need to move to the South.

D is for Distance

Whoever said, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” was seriously deranged. Coming from a girl who has experienced a long distance relationship first hand, they suck. Now, I’m not saying they’re impossible, because they’re not … they just take a lot of work. If two people aren’t willing to put in the work, then I personally don’t believe long distance relationships are worth the pain. However, if there are two people who care about each other enough to put up with the frustration and love each other enough that it’s worth it, I wish them the very best of luck.

E is for Exit Strategy

Picture this: you wake up, look around and realize that this is not your room. You look next to you … And there’s someone in your bed that you swear you’ve never seen before. Now, something tells me that this situation isn’t too hard to imagine for a good majority of college students. Ah, the one night stand. It seems like such a great idea until you wake up and realize you need to get out without waking your new friend. Honestly, it’s not that difficult. Just get out. Get out and don’t look crazy. Get your stuff and run. Oh, and try your best to not end up on Mizzou Shackers … Good luck.

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