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Never Again Thank You

There are some things that I would never do again. The other day I was walking into my job at Epping escorts when I started to think about all of the things that I would never do again. I must admit that my head was pretty empty at the time and I did not really have anything better to think about. Isn’t it funny how these bizarre little thoughts pop into your head when you least expect it. Anyway, there are certainly some things that I would never do again.


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I could start all over again, I would take school a bit more seriously. When I was younger I was not very interested in education at all and I got really bad results. I feel that if I would have stayed on a little bit longer, I would have done a lot better for myself. Working for Epping escorts is okay but I have come to realize that I am rather smart. Now my main aim is to go back to college and get some sort of education.

After leaving school, I took a lot of time off travelling. My personal life at the time was terrible and I felt that I wanted to get away from it all. I had managed to get some money together and ended up travelling around places like Australia. It was okay, but I would have done so much better staying at home and doing something much more substantial with my life. It took me a year at Epping escorts to appreciate that travelling had been the wrong thing to do.

After coming back, I started to work in the adult entertainment industry in London. This was before I joined Epping escorts. I met this guy who I thought was really nice but he ended up beating me up really badly. There was no way that I was going to stay with him so I just made a run for it one day after he had gone to work. It was really upsetting and I felt that my life was really beginning to go wrong.

By the time I joined Epping escorts, I was in a mess. I was totally unfocused and did not know what to do. For some reason, things started to get better. As I was so unfocused, I did not really know what to do with my life. When I was not at the agency, I was at home in my small studio flat. I did not go anywhere or do anything so all of the money that I earned at the escort agency was building up. It was not until I checked out my bank account a couple of months later, I realized that I had done rather well for myself. I actually started to look for a purpose in life. With that I started to feel a lot better about myself and for the first time ever, I am actually looking forward to the rest of my life.

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