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Is he a recycled husband?

I would love to get married to one of my gents that I have met at Southall escorts, but the other girls are warning me against it. He has been married three times already, but still I feel a lot of love for this man. The girls I work with at the agency in Southall, are trying to do everything to put me off, but they are not having very much luck. I think their efforts are making me even more determined to marry this man I have fallen in love with.

Is he in love with me?Well, he keeps telling me that he has met his one true love and that is me. Could it be the truth? I have this feeling that this man has so far been very unlucky in love and he is now hoping to make amends. Like so many other gents we date at Southall escorts, he is a rather lonely man. When we first met, I felt that there was something special about him, and I still feel that way today.

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Being with him is a fantastic experience, but I am not sure that I am the only woman at Southall escorts who feel like that. He has dated a lot of girls at the escort agency in Southall, and he seems to have made them all happy. I am not sure how he has managed to do that, but I know that he makes me more happy than any other men that I have met before. It is just that he makes me feel very special and I guess that is ultimately what I appreciate about him.

Does he spoil me? Yes, he is a rich guy and it is clear that he knows how to spoil a girl. The fact that he is older than me does not bother me at all, but I guess that I should be a little bit careful. I know a couple of girls at Southall escorts who have got married to older guys and the relationships have not lasted at all. But like I keep telling my friends at the escort agency in Southall, you never really know if a relationship is going to last or not. I love the way he makes me feel, and that is important.

Did I ever expect to fall in love with a man who is 30 years older than me? A few years ago, I would not have dreamed of falling in love with a man who is 30 years older than I am, but now I can see how it happens. He loves to take care of me, and I guess that is one of the reasons why I found him so attractive. Yes he wants to marry me and start a family. Sure, he has never had children before, but I honestly believe that he will be the perfect father. He is loving and seems to be very caring. Is that not all you want in a man?

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