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I learn to love myself when I choose to let go

When you have found the person who makes your heart skips, keep them. If they choose to let go, let them. Love isn’t selfish so don’t force a person to stay when he wants to go away. My relationship with Kyle wasn’t easy at all said by the girls from Hackney Escorts from We took care of our relationship for four years, and everything went smooth. He is not only my boyfriend but a best friend too. I can share anything I like to him even on my embarrassing moments, family problems, financial and everything. He doesn’t say a word without me is done. He listens to every word I say and give me advises too. He is my travel buddy if there’s an award for the best travel buddy in the world, it would be right to him. During our travels, he makes sure my safety and my health. He was always there to make me happy. He knows I’m a fan of pictures, so he does his best-taking images with me. I am easy to be pissed, but he doesn’t make anything to make my day wrong. He is also my food buddy, we have different taste, but he chooses to order my favorites. He knows that I will be happy if I can eat the food I want. Food is life, and he knows how big I ate. He was always there during my accomplishments in life since he was ahead of three years, he was the first to graduate. And on my graduation day, he surprises me with a necklace engraved with my name. He is the perfect man for me, and I don’t want to lose him said by the girls from Hackney Escorts. After graduation, I worked as a bank teller. We have different schedules of free time, so it’s hard for us to see regularly. I also notice that he barely texts me or call. Even if I texted long messages and I love, he responds with a smiley. I feel something wrong with us, but I don’t want to know. He even forgot our anniversary, and I had never received any text that day. He was also offline on Facebook. I became suspicious and told myself to be strong. I have thought for a positive thought and accepted whatever happens to us. I love him, but I love myself. I don’t want to lose myself in the process, so I have prepared myself to talk with him. We agreed to meet today, we are both quiet, and I open a topic, I asked how he is. He responded with small talk. My tears are falling already, and he offered his handkerchief to me. He apologizes and asks for freedom. I choose to let go of him.

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