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His hand slowly slid up her thigh. Her skin was soft; his hand was rough.

For both, however, their breath was caught in their throats as they ached for each other and tried to disguise their arousal says Twickenham Escorts from Nobody else at the dinner table had any idea. Not Leah’s mother or father, and not Jacques’ wife. His fingers felt the moisture of her groin as he slipped beneath her skirt. Her knuckles whitened as she gripped her knife and fork tightly, fighting back a moan.

Jacques maintained the conversation with Leah’s father, an extraordinarily boring man who had somehow produced his ravishing daughter 19 years ago. The two men were business associates who worked in senior management of an investment firm. In fact, their offices are where Jacques, then aged 59, had met Leah just one year ago.

Leah had stopped by her father’s office because he accidentally brought her laptop to work. She looked irresistible in her tight black leggings that clung tightly to her smooth, round ass. She saw Jacques down the hall checking her out says Twickenham Escorts. After getting her laptop, she slowly walked over to the door where he stood. Her pussy was already getting wet at the thought of hooking up with this older, successful man. They briefly flirted before making their way to his office. Jacques locked the door, and almost immediately Leah jumped up and wrapped her legs around him, kissing deeply. They fucked as quickly as they could, trying not to make noise. Leah spent a lot more time around her father’s office after this encounter.

Today, however, Jacques had been invited for dinner at Leah’s house to celebrate a large acquisition that had made the firm quite a bit of money. He had never been in her home before, but he had an idea of what might happen.

“Excuse me, Jeff, might I use the restroom?”

“Of course. We’re doing some renovations on the main bathroom, so I’ll have to ask you to use the upstairs one. Leah, would you mind showing Jacques the way?”

Leah and Jacques almost burst out laughing. It was as if her father wanted his business partner to plow his daughter. “Sure thing, daddy.”

She skipped up the stairs ahead of Jacques, giving him a nice view of her ass cheeks. The bathroom was down the hall, the fourth door on the left. “Well, here it is. I guess I’ll just go back to dinner…”

Jacques laughed and picked her up, giving his young muse a passionate kiss. He carried her into the bathroom and shut the door.

“You’ll have to be quick, baby,” Jacques said as Leah dropped to her knees and fumbled with his fly.

“You know that’s not a problem.”

She sucked his entire semi-erect cock deep into her throat. For only 19, she had quite a bit of experience. In no time, Jacques’ balls were swelling in her hand and his penis head was engorged. He thrust deep into her throat and shot line after line of hot cum into her. She popped his cock out of her mouth and swallowed, then skipped down the hallway.

Jacques shook his head, marveling at the energy of his young lover. He waited until his erection subsided before returning to the table.

“Jacques, we were just discussing our babysitter situation,” his wife said upon his arrival. They needed a babysitter for their two granddaughters.

“Oh?” replied Jacques.

“Leah here has kindly offered to be our babysitter. Isn’t that wonderful?”

Jacques looked around at the smiling faces of his wife and Leah’s parents, imagining all the opportunities he would have to fill her with his cock. “I think that is a lovely idea!”

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