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Health Benefits of Snuggling

I love to snuggle and when I have a day off from London escorts, I like to spend some extra time in bed with my boyfriend. We snuggle a lot and there is nothing like having a snuggle with my boyfriend. He is one of the nicest guys that you can hope to snuggle with. He has one of those warm bodies and cuddling up to him is a very special experience indeed if you would like a hug and a cuddle.


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Did you know that snuggling can lower your blood pressure? I was reading in a health magazine that snuggling with somebody has been proven to lower your blood pressure. That is perhaps one of the reasons that you should snuggle more often. It is not only us humans who benefit from snuggling. It has been proven that animals do as well. When my boyfriend has to go to work, I often like to snuggle with my dog. She seems to really love it.

Another reason why you should snuggle is because it makes your relationship more intimate. It is nice to be able to just lie in bed and talk about things. I think that it brings you closer together and can even make your relationship stronger. Snuggling is of course a great way of keeping warm. Sometimes when I have come off the night shift from London escorts, I just love to snuggle up with my boyfriend. I am cold and he is all warm under those covers. Probably most London escorts like that.

Do you get less colds when yo snuggle? If you are a snuggler like me, you will find that you will get less cold and bugs. I said this to one of the girls at London escorts and she just laughed at me. According to recent medical evidence, snuggling can raise you immune system. That is really important to me as I meet all sorts of people at London escorts. They sneeze and cough, and I am pretty sure they love spreading their germs.

If I had more time off from London escorts, I would certainly snuggle more. My boyfriend likes to snuggle but at the same time he says that you cannot lay in bed all day. I would agree with him but it is nice to spend some personal time. Yes, it is great to have sex but the art of snuggling is something that we should all appreciate. Once you get into snuggling, you will appreciate how much better you feel and how much fun it can be. Would you like to become a super snuggler? If you do, just give me a call and I will tell you all about it. Is there a right and wrong way to snuggle? There is an art to snuggling and I like to keep it close to my chest. It is not the biggest secret in London, but it is certainly one of those well kept personal gifts of mine that you can learn to appreciate.

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