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From Escort to Domestic Goddess

When I met Rica an escorts in West Midlands, I realised that he was kind of a special guy. He asked me what I liked doing on a date, and I told that I love the GFE experience, and that is how we ended up getting to know each other. It was not long before I was really comfortable around Rica, and I even ended up inviting him home. I think that I must have surprised him when I cooked him a roast dinner with apple pie for dessert. He asked me if I was a secret domestic goddess, and although I had to think about that for a moment, I realised that I actually was a bit of a domestic goddess.


A year later as I was walking down the aisle with Rica, I found myself thinking about my new home in the Cotswolds, and how I could make it nice for my husband. We had decided that we wanted to move out of London, and set up home somewhere els. I could always pop back to London and see my former colleagues at West Midland escorts, but we both felt that we had enough of London. When we saw the large house set in nice gardens, we just knew that it was us.


We did not exactly start out with a mattress on the floor, but when we came back from our honeymoon, I did realise that I had a lot of work to do. After a quick visit to London to see the girls at West Midland escorts, I sat about buying furniture for the house. I wanted it to be cosy a possible so that Rica would feel happy and content when he came home from work. In took me a couple of months, but one day when Rica came home, you could just sense the domestic bliss. The coffee was on and there was a cake in the oven.


To complete the picture, I had hired a gardener to sort out the garden. I wanted the perfect cottage garden combined with a fruit and vegetable garden. The girls at West Midland escorts thought that I had gone mad, but I loved it. Being able to use your own produce in your cooking really turned me on, and I think that my husband loved the idea as well. It was not ling before he was inviting all of our friends to parties in our home.


I was seriously beginning to make a little bit of a name for myself as a domestic goddess in the local area. One of the girls at West Midland escorts suggested that I should capitalize on it, and that was exactly what I did in the end. I sat up my own website and started giving tips on how you can become a domestic goddess without giving up your personal life. Yes, I enjoyed our sense of domestic bliss, but there were things I liked to do outside the home as well. I don’t think that there is a  need for a woman to let the home take over her life today, there are so many other things you can do. However, I am above all a domestic goddess although a very modern one.

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