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During the summer the Arab League descends on London, and start arranging dates in London.



All Blackheath agencies employ extra girls during this time of the year as the Arab League like to book more than one girl at a time. The cost does not matter to the Arab league, and prices per hour normally sky rockets. Blackheath Escorts from know that a lot of these Middle eastern gents are amazingly wealthy, and don’t care what they pay for a sexy companion for a couple of hours.

The cost to date top Blackheath EScorts during the summer per hour can come it at £1,000 and needless to say that puts a smile on many Blackheath Escorts agencies bosses. London agencies who play the game right during the sexy summer season in London, can expect to earn a lot of money.

However, it is important to be able to get the right girls on board. If you don’t have the right girls available, you may as well write the London summer season off if you are an escorts agency operating in central London.

Do you have any blondes?

“Do you have any blonde escorts available” is the question that most front desk staff are asked during the summer. It goes without saying that a lot of Middle Eastern visitors like blondes. Blondes are after all a rarity in many Arab countries and most lads from these countries dream of dating blondes.

When they come to London during the summer, they go completely over board and arrange dates with as many blondes as possible. Not any blonde will do neither. The girls they expect on the door step must be elite escorts and the most sexiest companions London can offer them. These gents don’t mind paying top dollar, or pounds, but they only want to date the best and most select ladies.

Treated Well

Many of the London ladies who date Middle Eastern men during the summer in London, say that they are treated very well. One of the girls that we spoke to spoke to say that Middle Eastern men are very respectful, and her date for the summer treated her like a princess. She couldn’t keep up with his shopping habit though, and said that she had never met a man who liked to shop more than she does.

It is true Arab men do like to shop and they have made it into an art form. A lot of the ladies who date Arab gents during the summer say that they are showered with gifts, and many of them are also tipped very well. Many of the dates turn out to be regulars and a lot of the gents visit London during other times of the year as well.

During the summer you will also find that a lot of the Arab visitors like to visit other European cities. They think nothing of taking their short term girl friends with them, and they always travel in style. There is little wonder that many London blondes prefer Arab gents!


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