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All the fun in New Orleans

It sounds like New Orleans has been invaded my swingers. I have always enjoyed a little bit of swinging myself, and I must admit that I think that we should all be allowed to express our sexuality. Here in London, the swingers community has been coming alive as well. There are some really great swingers clubs, and if you want to enjoy a swingers weekend in London, you can easily do so. You may even meet a couple of the girls from Brompton escorts there.

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I took some time to read about the swingers festival in New Orleans. It sounded great, but there was a couple of things I did not like. When you look closely at some of the photos from the event, you will notice that a few of the participants in the event, claimed to be sex workers. That is not what swinging is all about. I have been with my friends from Brompton escorts to a couple of swingers parties, and I have not met anybody who claim to be a sex workers.

It is not really right, and I think that the association between sex workers and swingers, could be easily be misunderstood. I don’t know what the rules are like in the United States, but here in London, the rules at swinging clubs are very strict. As a matter of fact, you need to apply to a swingers club to be able to come a member. Not all folk pass, and I know a couple of girls from Brompton escorts who have actually been turned down as they did not have any partners at one of clubs.

All of the clubs here in London have different rules. Some of the top clubs only allow couples to join, and others are more flexible. My friends from Brompton escorts had applied to one of the more exclusive clubs, and had been turned down because they were single ladies. If you happen to be a single lady, and would like to go swinging, you need to check out some of the other clubs. The terms and conditions for joining are rather straight forward, but if you are not sure, just email the club secretary.

Is it expensive to be a swinger? Some of the more exclusive clubs here in London can be very expensive to join. I thought about joining one of the top clubs just to see if I could meet some other people. But, I would have to commit to paying a lot of money per month. At the moment, I am using the money I earn at Brompton escorts for something else, so I would have been out of pocket. For me to attend the club, it would have cost me about 150 quid per hour. That is a lot of money to meet new and exciting people to have some fun with. I think that I will stick to my current clubs, and enjoy what my current swingers group.

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